Im sure there are readers out there who know the answers to these questions (e.g. Sharon, Nova, Gill?).

1. I have recently been given a lovely wool jersey, man size. It is made from homespun wool and handknitted. The wool was from my friend's parents' sheep and it was his Mum and her friends who did the spinning and the knitting. He doesn't wear the jersey and would I find a use for it?

Yes. Only I need to change the collar from the high round scratchy one to something more open, and given I want to wear it out in the cold when I'm gardening and tramping, I want to change it to a more practical colour than white.

I would like suggestions on how to dye this jersey and also on the best way to change the neck to something more comfortable. No, more than that. I would love any suggestions on this.


Sharonnz said…
I've only ever re-fashioned handknits by felting them in my washing machine then cutting and resewing. I won't advice you on the unpicking/reknitting the collar part. I've dyed wool with both food colouring and procion acid dyes ( I love the procion dyes but I wonder how the higher lanolin content in the homespun will allow the dye to take? I'd love to try more natural dyes but have always been a bit put off by needing special mordants and "helpful" children.
nova_j said…
what colour is it, and what colour would you like it??
Thanks Sharon. Nova, it is currently white and I fancy either green or blue.

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