myrtle ugni

On Friday I bought myself a myrtle ugni. Sounds like something from Dr Seuss. It's also known as a Chilean Guava. It's going out the front beside my glove artichoke, when it ever stops raining. Next pay I might buy a real cranberry.

And the one after, a plum tree.

Which just goes to show that I'm not one of those voluntary simplicity girls after all.

I found another way of getting garlic into us, read it in a newsapaper food column, I think it was in the Chch Press. You pound garlic and olive oil and parsley together and then spoon it on top of your bowl of soup. I tried it tonight and it was nice. I spread the leftover from the mortar bowl on a piece of bread (home made of course skitey skite) this evening and that was pretty good as well. Local garlic, home grown parsley. Oil from a looong way away though.

World wide knit in public day was Saturday and we had a lovely session up at Frank's Lounge Bar. Wine, wool, women. Then live music as well. Shame when it was time to go home.


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