I'd tried it for Fionn once before, in the UK, and not been totally converted. I didn't do any reading around the topic at the time and I did not know the difference between classical homeopathy and whatever the non-classicists are called.

But after our session with Laksmi, I've been applying the remedy as per instructions, changing our diet to more (non-dairy) protein and fewer carbs/dairy and supplementing with aloe vera juice, cod liver oil, fish oil lollies, vitamins and flax seed oil.

Changes: his eczema is receding noticeably. The dark circles under his eyes have faded and the deepness under his eyes has lifted a lot. He hasn't cried at the drop of the hat at all today.

I can still hear a chesty cough sometimes, he is still under delusions that it is hotter than it is and I would like to see him gain some weight. But for two days in, I think it is pretty damn wonderful progress.

I am no fan of big pharma. I suspect them of lacking scruples and having a vested interest in making entire nations believe that drugs are the only route to good health. That's the short summary of my thoughts on the pharmaceutical giants. Currently, an influenza strain which seems more virulent than ones of the last few years but still not exactly bubonic plague country, has prompted people to buy up all the old near their use-by date stocks of tami-flu and oecd nations to get out their cheque books in the middle of a major recession to pay for nationwide vaccinations using a largely untested vaccine. Never mind that the same scenario in the 1970s had to be halted due to lots of people getting guillane barre syndrome. Magically and mythically, with no documented changes between now and the 1970s that I have read of, it will be different this time.

So, the big banks get bailed out from the consequences of their imprudent choices and greed by our taxes and then big pharma gain a financial windfall from H1N1 flu. Meanwhile the workers who produce actual products in factories in New Zealand went without pay when their factories were quarantined last month.

I am very appreciative of the benefits of modern medicine in life and death emergency situations. I'm not going to see a homeopath or reflexologist if I break my leg or am in a major car crash. But many of our every day complaints are not well served by general practice medicine.

I have been considering the implications of this for government funding. Like anyone cares, but I guess if you've read this far you might be mildly interested. The hold which big pharma has on the purse strings of governments world wide is enormous. I would prefer that fewer of my taxpayer dollars, for example, went on statin drugs to lower cholesterol given that these very statins inhibit magnesium and coq-10 which are essential for good heart function.

I don't think though, that I do want to see alternative therapies brought into the mainstream and state-subsidised. I think that for the best practitioners, it would be compromising and that for the dodgy ones, it would be a licence to print money. I have opted that we will eat as well as possible and seek the support of Laksmi (before Laksmi it was Donna the reflexologist who made a massive difference to me when I had viral rheumatoid arthritis, but now Donna lives too far away) to help our health. And others if necessary. It is cheaper than medical insurance and has the potential to strengthen existing weaknesses, which is something medical insurance does not do with it's caveats for pre-existing conditions.

Growing your own garlic is still, in my opinion, the best cheap thing anyone can do to help strengthen their health. I am very pleased with my kale this winter - that would come a close second for me, followed by parsley.

One interesting thing to me is the overdosing guidelines on the labels of homeopathic remdies sold in my local health shop. The brans are Weleda and Naturopharm but I'm referring more to Naturopharm here. It advises taking three drops every fifteen minutes for several hours. In contrast, Laksmi had me put two drops of silica and two drops of thuja in Fionn's bath once per week and then to do the same to the aqueous cream pot which I use to rub into his eczema. She was very clear that as soon as I saw an improvement in his symptoms I should stop immediately. I thought I saw an improvement yesterday but wasn't sure and put some of the adulterated aqueous cream on him at bedtime. But today I was very sure of the improvement and have stopped all homeopathic treatment. A naturopath called Maggie who works part time at our local health shop described to me this very phenomenon, where people bought homeopathic remedies over the counter, went away and then came back saying they had taken the whole bottle and now felt worse. And Maggie said she wasn't surprised. I now understand that that is when the remedy is 'proven' and starts to prompt the very symptoms which it was initially taken to eliminate.


Anonymous said…
We too are going down the homeopathy path and finding it just fascinating. We too are having great results where medical doctors haven't been able to help.
Diet I believe plays a big part too. We are big vege meat eaters - with not much carbs & usually no additives - ie cook from scratch.

Lov leanne
Thanks for your comment Leanne. Diet is almost everything it seems. I generally cook from scratch 90% of the time but I am finding this transition means I am in the kitchen even more than usual. I'm looking forward to getting ahead with some food in the freezer and knowledge of some time short cuts. The main change is that I'm cooking lunch as well as dinner (and cooked porridge or eggs for breakfast which we did before as well) and stumping up non-bread snacks morning and afternoon.

I see on your blog that you have stopped home educating but I missed the process of you deciding to change to using school (or perhaps you didn't blog about it). I hope the change is working out well for you all - I imagine you miss having them around you during the day.
Leanne said…
No I am still home schooling.
Abbey is in NCEa system because of where she hopes to go with education.
We have been on 2 weeks school holiday BLISS. Maybe confusion came about with that.

Love Leanne
Nikki said…
Hey Sandra, just catching up on you here! I hadn't put this blog on my reader yet.

*waves to Leanne too*.

glad that you are finding the homeopathy helping with Fionn's skin. Nathan has been on a remedy for his kidney thing and so far we are drug-free and remain in remission, so it will be interesting if it recurs and if homeopathy can stop us going back on the steroids.

I think you'll find the amount of time you spend in the kitchen (or thinking about what food to offer) will ease back over time as you become used to what you are cooking and what foods will become regular weekly recipes. For snacks my guys get fruit, raw carrot sticks with peanut butter, peanut butter on apple slices, yoghurt with LSA sprinkled into it, cheese and dried fruit occasionally.

I read an interesting article last night (new research) on coeliacs and auto-immune conditions. It talks of 3 triggers for auto-immune conditions - environmental, genetic link and a predisposition to Leaky Gut. The leaky gut component was particularly interesting to me because this was the purpose of the GAPS diet for us, only I was doing it heal his gut from old coeliac damage and didn't know that it is valuable for all AI conditions! Now that he has 2 AI conditions, it has made me so glad I went down the GAPS path. Of course, the article was a medical one and the end goal was to talk of drugs as the cure...

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