A distinct lack of purity

Many of the blogs which I read demonstrate fabulous commitment to their ideals, whether they be green (environmental), red (political), simple living or gardening. Or craft.

I'm committed to a pile of things, or so I think, but on a Friday night on the eve of two weeks off work, there ain't no purity of ideals round here. I did manage home made school lunch for Fionn but nothing for Favourite Handyman. I did manage to walk to collect Fionn this afternoon (in the rain) but this morning in the rain we all piled into the car. Brighid and I had sausage roll snacks at lunchtime and for dinner the kids and I had fish and chips from the chippie shop. Then we went to the pub for a while and the kids had lemonade and orange juice while I had wine. Brighid swiped her glass sideways twice and I may have to ban her for the next ten years. A pile of non-essential spending and I don't regret it at all. Blowing $40 on bought food and booze once per pay period won't stop us paying for bills or groceries and I am grateful for our good fortune in that respect.

I did buy a draught stopper attachment for the back door which should help optimise the effectiveness of our fire. Haven't told FH about that one yet - but I'm sure he will make a beautiful job of attaching it this month.

I did swap some books and magazines focused on good eating (ha ha ha) with a friend and we all had a go on her treadmill. I got a bit woozy, clearly not my thing. That was way before I got a wine into me. Cleared out some more kids' clothes to gift between us too.

I have got some home made bread on the cooling rack as I type - been rustling it up in between louching around today.

I have just knitted another row of my wrap cardi/vest which surely counts as goodness compared to the many times I have nearly bought something in the shop which will fill the same hole in my wardrobe. It is true that if we didn't drink booze and eat shop bought greasies, then I could buy those items. But frankly I'd rather eat and drink on a Friday (especially the one just before HOLIDAYS!) than wear some flashy bought cardi anyway.

Have a great weekend. I installed a statcounter thing this week which is how I know that more than just me is reading this blog, which is very gratifying. Thank you. What I plan to do this weekend is watch Fionn play league (will he get his second try of the season? His second try ever? Will I be a good mummy and be watching properly??), sidle around the edges of housework, and read: The Room of Lost Things by Stella Duffy. Described on the back as a love homage to London, or something similar. I'm enjoying it so far.

Oh and GARDEN.


Sharonnz said…
1. Not much purity around here either - just lots of doing our best - most of the time;-)
2. I bought Bread Matters from the wonderful Unity Books after you talking about it - about to start my rye starter tomorrow - yes I had to go & buy a decent set of kitchen scales! What a great read.
3. My rhubarb is looking decidedly ill - help me! Does it need poo or something cuz we've just sourced some pony poo.
4. What "holiday" plans do you have up your (handknitted?) sleeve?
Glad you found Bread Matters Sharon. It is my best book ever on bread.

Can you describe the symptoms of your rhubarb illness for me?

Holiday plans. Not quite ready for plans - just had a very quiet day with lots of reading sneaked in. Feeling very very thankful, grateful and appreciative of my accommodating children on this low energy day. But likely to happen: trip to Hanmer Springs to see my parents, the snow, the hot pools. Maybe a trip up to the snow at Arthurs Pass. Bit of diy, some horse poo collecting. I want to build a big compost heap on the punga raised bed site, so need to collect everythgin that could work for that over this period. I want to find some jerusalem artichokes to plant as well.
Sharonnz said…
I think I've sorted my rhubarb. It looks like it's supposed to die back a weeny bit (first year in ground) and then we pop some mulch over the crown to protect it. Can you also point me to somewhere detailing how you prep your pony poo;-) It doesn't go straight in garden or compost does it?

The Hanmer Springs plans sound perfect for this time of year.
Both of my rhubarb plantings lost their initial leaves after transplanting and then grew more. I've put the straw/poo mix from the chook run round mine. Maybe it should be composted first but the books seem to go on and on about manure for rhubarb and I figured it was sitting on top and would have time to break down and into the soil slowly.

Horse poo - full of weed seeds is the reason for not putting it straight onto the garden. Composting it should kill the seeds, or the bulk of them. What I am going to do (worked last year) is to build a compost heap directly onto a piece of unused garden and let it do it's thing without eve needing to be moved. Poo plus pea straw plus any other materials I can lay my hands on. I wan the punga raised bed to be a super bed this year.

What's the deal on chooks for you Sharon? Any chance of tiny bantams in a moveable cage?
Gillybean said…
I do love a "keeping it real post" Sandra. I tried on about 6 things today, really wanting to treat myself to something "new" but blahh couldn't help but think I could thrift myself something better. Nearly bought the housefull of teens KFC last night but would rather treat myself to a bottle of Reisling and made them pizza instead which they complimented me on!
I love my Stat counter too. Except when I see someone has googled something freaky and then found me! Happy winter holidays.

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