leftovers project

Hurray for Corrine! It was Corrine who commented recently on using leftover porridge in bread. So today I used the leftover porridge to make oat bread, using a mix of this long rise oat bread recipe and this faster one. It has turned out beautifully, and the biggest problem will be that I will eat lots of it which isn't good for me. I have a vegetarian loaf recipe much used in my student days which I resurrected last week. That has rolled oats in it and with a bit of tinkering could accomodate leftovers from the breakfast saucepan quite easily. I will post that later in the week.

This morning I snuck outside while the children weren't watching and sowed purple sprouting broccoli, broccoli de cicco, leeks carentan giant, celery for cutting and corn salad vert de cambrai. The first four are in seedling punnets and the last straight into the ground. Later I realised I had planted the leeks too early. Last year was too late. ah well.

I got back inside to discover Brighid was in the one unlatched ingredients cupboard (actually two of those old fashioned flour and sugar scoop shaped drawers which you pull down) and had poured 3kg of sugar throughout the rest of the contents and opened a few more bags for mixing purposes.

hmmmmmm. One way to have a clean up. At least now I know what is actually in those drawers and a lot of it is still viable but had been languishing forgotten. Time to cook with some hing I think. Turns out there is sushi rice in there after all and more half-started popcorn bags than I care to name. As for the various forgotten seaweeds...

But planning for the leftovers project. I soaked some black beans today and need to use them tomorrow. I tried not to soak loads as other times I have made ridiculous amounts of South Beach soup and not been able to face three days' worth of leftovers. Looking for a new recipe this time as peppers are stupidly expensive (and out of season blah blah), and I have neither limes nor coriander. Then black pudding and kale and pumpkin. We never have leftovers of black pudding, no matter how much I make. Probably the vegetarian loaf after that and then pay day!!!!! I think three days' planning is enough for the moment.

My other goal is to make food for me for lunches on Tuesday and Thursday as currently I make everyone else's and then get to work or work break starving and end up at Phil's bakery well before lunchtime (techincally I am home at lunchtime but sometimes lunchtime needs to come early as my tummy grumbles and rumbles and moans) . They do make a lovely steak and cracked pepper pie... I think I can manage it for Tuesday but as Thursday will be the day after pay day pay day pay day, I think I could fall off the wagon then. Perhaps just once.


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