Sounded so easy in the garden newsletter

Dividing globe artichokes that is. The NZ Gardener weekly email told me a while ago to shove a spade down in between new plants and old to divide them up. Right time right now and they will all be happy.

I didn't quite find it that easy and now the divided plants are both flopped on the soil. Hmmmm.

I also sneaked out of the house before anyone woke up (thank goodness for spring but not yet daylight savings to make this possible) and weeded the onion weed, planted celery and cleared Fionn's garden and piled it with mushroom compost. I dug up the lovely dahlia which is in the very wrong place and although I couldn't get it all out (been there for many years, certainly at least four and probably far more than that), I got out enough to divide into five pieces for growing more pretty dahlias in a more suitable spot. Fionn wants flowers so the dahlias, the poppies and the chrysanthemums will all go in his patch.

Planted another cabbage tree. We drove to Punakaiki this afternoon. There is something very special about nikau trees. Time for us to have a go at growing one at our home.


Corrine said…
I love Nikau's too. Good luck with growing them. I just planted two more apple trees...they are on special at garden post so I grabbed a couple.
I find I need push the publish button twice too, but I thought it was because I hadn't signed in to google first. It usually works the second time.

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