Bad gardener takes control of her life

The garden is sorely neglected at the moment. So much so that the tomatoes (under the lean-to) have flopped over with dehydration. I just don't have my head in the garden at the moment and I won't until I've finished The Great New Year's Cull.

Mostly I escape into the garden and ignore the house. Which isn't the end of the world, quite the contrary. But when you combine two chronic hoarder adults with two children who are hugely materially spoilt by their extended family, then eventually you cannot move for junk and mess.

You buy three packets of sushi rice because you can't find any of the previous ones.

You have countless reels of sellotape, all missing when needed.

Er the pen thing.

Other children leave their clothes here and you don't notice for a very long time.

Laundry gets done and then falls on the floor before it is folded and gets grubby again.

The house is littered with magazines, none of which are consulted after the first week. Finding that interesting article again isn't worth trying for.

The children, brought up disgracefully, find a new hobby pulling wallpaper off the walls.

So... the garden is having a break from my ministrations while I take advantage of holidays for us all and FH and I cull. Cull cull cull and then cull some more. It is hugely empowering. I feel like I am wresting control back of my life. I feel like that because I am. There is a bit more to go yet. In most places, we are culling 30% of the stuff.

Three garden related things:
1. I never cut and cooked the globe artichokes. Now the oldest one is flowering, beautiful fine purple strands similar to a thistle flower.

2. I followed Brigitte's instructions last week and made red clover vinegar.

3. Last week I dried some rosemary, sage, oregano and marjoram in the dehydrator to make my own jar of mixed herbs for winter. As we have quite mild winters (in South Island terms), my herbs winter over quite well, but sometimes it is raining so hard before dinner that I forgo gathering herbs from the garden for cooking that night.


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