herbal season

Not sure if Lughnasadh (see here) is going to work for us after all. Even Waitangi Day didn't get a look in today, despite there being various wonderful things to do in celebration of the ties that bind in Aotearoa. The beginning of February, year after year, sees us broke and very busy, including in the weekends. But I do notice that on my southern hemisphere Celtic calendar, Mabon, the Autumn equinox (and linked to the book of Mabinogion which is on the shelf behind me for when I am ready to learn more), is very close to St Patrick's Day, a festival I have a long tradition of celebrating. Frankly, since I became a mother, I don't celebrate it enough, so last year we got a babysitter so that we could both sup Guinness with adult friends for a couple of hours (I no longer crave ten hour Guinness drinking sessions). Hopefully this becomes a regular tradition.

I have been doing a few herbal experiments of late. Early in January I made some red clover vinegar and that should be ready mid-Feb. Last week I made some rosemary tincture. I planted up seven basil seedlings this morning (put them on the kitchen windowsill for maximum heat and prompt-for-watering scope). This evening I cleaned all of my garlic harvest, finishing the last one as the light faded. I've done two plaits and aim to do more tomorrow. Then I am going to make this flu remedy for the fridge as I know know know that we will benefit from it at some point.


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