Sunday kitchen marathon

zucchini pickle, hummous, tzatziki, roast garlic, pea & garlic puree, bread, chocolate chippie biscuits & fishy ratatouille

phew! Actually I realised as I typed that I'd forgotten the bread and so pulled that out of the hot water cupboard, portioned it into tins and put the oven on. If I wasn't so tired, then I would give it a few hours in the tins proving, but it looks well risen so far and should survive to make a nice crust.

I used the same zucchini pickle recipe as two years ago. Last year was a terrible season for zucchini in our part of the country so no pickle then. The only changes I made is that in the interim I have learnt how good turmeric and celery seeds are for good health, so I poured lots more into the vinegar than my original recipe stated. I even went outside and collected celery seeds from the garden - one use at least for my early bolting celery this season. The second change was that I grated the onion and zucchini. Much faster.

Hummous with 1 can chickpeas, 3 cloves of garlic, juice of one lemon, 1 dessertspoon of tahini. No parsley as we are in between when it all bolted to seed early and the seedlings being too small to harvest.

The tzatziki recipe is this one from Kalyn's Kitchen. It is so long since I'd made it that I needed a recipe and I think this is better than the shortcuts version I recall making years ago. That went on the fishy ratatouille in pita breads at dinner time and there is plenty left for throughout the week.

The pea & garlic puree is an Annabel Langbein recipe I've been meaning to make for years. It is a wonderful bright green and looks fantastic. No I haven't fitted food photography in amongst the kitchen marathon and looking after my children. But you mix two heads' worth of roasted garlic and some oil with 2 cups of briefly cooked frozen peas (2 minutes), some salt, 1/2 teapsoon of dried chilli flakes and that's all. Hummous, tzatziki & puree all courtesy of my whizzy stick. Every kitchen marathoner needs one.

Sourdough bread as per Andrew Whitley's French Country Bread recipe. I don't need any other bread books now I have his.

The chocolate chippie biscuits are from the Edmonds book, of course. I didn't have quite enough condensed milk so I topped up with yoghurt and a bit extra sugar and then I grated green & Black's dark chocolate into the mixture instead of the not-very-cheap-but rather-nasty-quality cooking chocolate chips I used to buy. Dark chocolate has lots of antioxidants don't you know...

The fishy ratatouille was dinner. The rest is an attempt to provide food for lunches for during the week.

The only drawback was that the day was gone before I could get into the garden and weed, something which is desperately needed. I bought some peastraw last week to go on the soil once I remove the evidence of neglect.

Still no functioning washing machine. Yes I know that people (oh who am I kidding? - women) in the majority world mostly manage without a washing machine, but I can't imagine they like it.


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