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Our neighbours are keen rose growers and showers. As they were about to depart on holiday after helping to host the successful National Autumn rose show here in little old wetville, I happened to be in the right place for rescuing their blooms from imminent rain. The right place at that time was hanging out the washing. It's like lotto - buy about a zillion tickets or do the laundry for a family of dirt-lusters and eventually your prize will appear.
Above this text you will notice a grubby wall, the wooden block which the clock radio will soon be mounted upon (as in once the wooden block is on a bracket against the wall, the clock radio which belonged to his Nana until very recently and which provides intelligent National Radio sentences to counter the barrage of child hungriness which fills the kitchen and indeed every corner of our home and my life, and the toaster. I moved the flowers to the bench once I realised the effect the toaster in operation would have on the flowers. The bench which they all sit on is a piece of furniture made as part of the kitchen but not built in as such. I moved it when we put the dishwasher in (one of the very best consumer activity-related days of my life). It is a drawer at the top and then two swing drawers for sugar and flour and I think it is rimu like the rest of the house. If I were a Home and Interiors kind of person then I would sand it back and let it look divine in its original wooden colours.
Close up of the flowers. Totally gorgeous.


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