Sunday kitchen

Peach cake (Peaches and nectarines cake in our case) from a recipe by Annabelle White. A friend handed on to me the recipe book of White's best recipes which I largely ignored until recently. It's pretty good and I hope to use her recipe to finally make my own harissa sometime soon. Chillies, you know, are supposed to be good for the lungs and the magic ingredient which explained why in a medical study of male Mexican smokers in Los Angeles, they didn't exhibit the lung cancer levels you would typically expect from smokers. Chillies, you may also know, don't go down so well in tiny tummies and harissa sauce is my solution for providing it for FH the smoker who I want to keep alive even if he doesn't/can't kick his nicotene addiction. I could also bore you with things I have found out about magnesium and omega 3 oils and smokers. Perhaps another time.

Last week was omega 3s through anchovies and my dipping sauce experiment was bagna cauda, from Annabel Langbein's recipe in her book on Italian food (which my mum gave me fro Christmas the year FH and I went to Italy for CHristmas/New Year and which was totally redundant then but brilliant back here as it is really written for kiwi interpretation of Italian food I think). The bagna cauda was good. I would make it again.

Today's other experiment was making flaky pastry from scratch using this Delia Smith recipe. Worked okay. I turned it into bacon and egg pie. The seven year old who won't eat quiche loved the pie. Next time I would make a big batch and freeze it so that I had ready-to-roll packets in the freezer as if I'd bought the shop (full of nasties instead of butter) version.

Hummous of course. Putting basil in it at the moment.

Some of my seeds (which I sowed last weekend I think) have germinated already. So long as my daughter stops walking on the garden, we shall have home-grown food to eat for winter and spring after all.


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