burnt potatoes and Monteiths Black

Tried my own version of the classic dish with sliced spuds baked with cream. It would have been a good idea to follow a printed recipe. I sliced up potatoes and parsnips and layered them with chopped onion, garlic and anchovies in the middle, poured over the last 50ml of cream left in the fridge and topped it with cheese.

I put it in the oven at 150 celsius, intending it to cook for two hours. Only it was looking a shade overdone after only one, so I left it in there for another hour on 100 until we were home again and ready to eat dinner. I didn't put enough cream in and should have used a smaller dish and put the lid on. Then it would have been really good - I've had success with this kind of thing before, perhaps crucially when I have followed a specific recipe.

Fallon/Price test: cream good, as it provides fat for the fat soluble vitamins to be absorbed into our bodies. Anchovies good for omega 3. Garlic and onions good for quercetin. I think parsnips and spuds good as well.

Kid test: not great. Fionn pushed his food around his plate and declared himself not hungry. Both required some explicit threats to get even part of it down their throats.

I got some Monteiths Black at writers' group meeting, which we hold in a local pub. I had my daughter with me while Favourite Handyman and Fionn went to Martial Arts. It took me back to those long off days when Fionn and I wandered round London at any time we (I?) felt like, unencumbered by school or other timetables. My writing was rushed and not so much crap as insufficiently developed, an issue every month. I really need to write properly more than 60 minutes per month. So I received some suggestions for developing the writing I did for tonight - on May Day at Blackball - and I need to do something about it and actually craft something for improvement.


there was salad as well. I woke at 3am and remembered we ate salad. rocket and lettuce from garden, with acv and olive oil dressing and sliced carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds.
kids ate the carrots, adults ate it all. where is the surprise in that? I don't care what fallon would have thought; I just wonder what demented person (me, obviously) thinks it necessary to update the blogpost on this.

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