For what I have done & what I have failed to do...

Achievements: kitchen: red kidney beans soaked and cooked. Hummous made. Beef stock made. Chicken stock made.

Nursing: Favourite Handyman and Brighid are better now.

Childcare: Brighid starts going to Sharon's for Monday and Friday mornings from tomorrow. Both the children are enchanted with her (we've had several visits) and I am delighted to have found someone who fits with our family's needs and outlook, in addition to our beloved Robyn, who Brighid will still spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings with.

Rest: pushing away the lurgy which snaps at my ankles and my throat, reading Marsha Mehran's Pomegranate Soup and Rosewater and Soda Bread. Nice escapism.

Not yet achieved: sewing. I put the denim needle in and did a test run on some heavy denim which went fine. But I am still trying without any success to hem Brighid's red corduroy trousers, the ones which my Mum made for Fionn and I have tacked flowery braid around the bottom to freshen them up and hide the bare scuffed hem. I presume there is a tension problem and I have tried to fix it but my knowledge is too limited.

Gardening: I missed the pre-full moon period for optimal seed sowing and planting. I weeded a little this afternoon.

Still thinking: about the article on Transition Towns, focusing on Oamaru, in the weekend paper. Also about the suggestion by the anarchists on May Day that the Transition Towns movement (and farmers markets) are easily co-opted by capitalism. Still thinking about the world shaped (run) by debt and the environmentally unsustainable model of the economics of debt which requires constant growth to pay the interest on the borrowing.


Anonymous said…
Hi Sandra.
The constant growth is for the Debt & interest. With no interest (which can potentially serve a useful balancing function) you will still have compounding Debt.

With no systemic Debt, you will not necessarily have compounding interest even if interest is still used in the provision of loans - and there are positive benefits of having interest with loans.

Thanks for your comments Nik. Thinking and will be back.
Johanna Knox said…
Oh, I saw that article. I thought it was good. I liked what one of the interviewees in it said about whatever else you do, or don't do, start relating to other people and groups better. (She said it more eloquently.) That idea that the ability to work together is the key thing we'll all need - and that can theoretically be developed through any kind of community project or group.

What did the anarchists say about TT being able to be co-opted by capitalism?
lus said…
I was wanting to know that too.

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