apple cider vinegar. I'm all about apple cider vinegar at the moment.

Yesterday I went to see one of my favourite people, Laksme. I went replete with aches and pains and niggles and wiggles and I have come home armed with much more knowledge, lots to think about and an action plan.

Aside from the annoyance of the cough and endless phlegm from the chest infection which has eased rather than gone completely, I also brought to Laksme my concerns that really I should have more energy, should be stronger.

And the question I have had no answer for: why do I want to eat so much more than I need to? I have noticed it quite a bit lately, particularly with visitors. The other grown adults (male) were not eating nearly as much as I was. I have been eating more than I *need to* for ages, but not bothered to wonder about it - zest for the finer culinary things in life y'know. It could be an eating disorder but I wasn't convinced by that idea at all.

Laksme and I talked for a long time about my medical story, which I don't think I shall be rehashing for posterity for the entire internet. She thinks I have a virus at a very deep level which manifests itself periodically (bells palsy and travelling viral rheumatoid arthritis have been the top ranking events).

Key part of the action plan: apple cider vinegar. Another part was black strap molasses which unfortunately, mixed with the acv, is so repugnant to me that endless illness seemed more attractive than supping that three times per day. So I am on day two of acv drinks and most interestingly, I don't feel so hungry when I drink acv three times per day (in a glass of water). Not dangerously un-hungry, but three meals per day is enough, not three meals plus heaps of snacks plus seconds and sometimes thirds at dinner.

So far, definitely interesting enough to carry on. I presume that all the detoxification that acv is famed for is also beginning inside me. The rest of the project involves kelp (in my food and also in supplement form for the moment) and more more more magnesium. This hasn't come out of thin air for me, I've been reading and considering and talking to Laksme and observing for ages and I'm convinced it is worth doing. I've eschewed (or told myself I do) notions of traditional slender beauty and the diet game for a long time, perhaps forever, but the idea of continuing to gain weight is another thing altogether. I know women for whom their very large size precludes them from living fully and I'm not keen on going down that path.

We cleansed a few other things today, like the floor of the car and the large stash of empty bottles in the garage. The kids and I went shopping for more items for my kitchen apothecary. Variously, coriander, brasil nuts, almonds, buckwheat flour and quinoa seemed a good idea. Next is to use them. I know what often happens to things I buy in the holidays. Not the same thing as that which happens to sausages and bread during the busy season.

A key feature in Laksme's work/therapy/advice is five element theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. I need to read a lot more to understand it properly.


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