Food diary: the kombu family meal

Today's library haul:
Paul Campos, The Obesity Myth
Fran McCullough, Good Fat with 100 Recipes
Malcolm Kendrick, The Great Cholesterol Con
A S Byatt, The Children's Book

I had a bit of a read of the first three at the library and have settled into Fran McCullough's book now. Fascinating. After reading this article on slow reading last night, reading some non-fiction books in their entirety instead of net-surfing for nutritional information (which I suspect myself of being addicted to) seems timely.

Tonight's dinner. Rice thingie with green salad.
Green salad: lettuces and rocket from the garden, with acv and olive oil drizzled over it. I didn't realise it had a sign over it which said 'adults only', but there you go.

Rice thingy: I cooked the brown basmati rice with a piece of kombu then let it cool a bit. I grilled aubergine and scooped out the flesh (originally intended for making baba ghanoush but corralled into dinner at the eleventh minute), grated carrot, chopped celery, broccoli and silverbeet, added a 400g or so sized tin of tuna and two beaten eggs (all I had, would have used more otherwise) and some black pepper and some fresh thyme and put it in a greased pyrex baking rectangle dish and put it in the oven at 160 degrees celsisus for an amount of time which is now a blur. Until it was hot right through.

Brighid picked. The rest of us cleaned our plates of rice thingy and there were compliments from Man and Boy. They washed it down with generous amounts of tomato sauce. Turns out I can make a quiche/rice cross kind of dish without any dairy. Which is most pleasing.


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