We stayed home today, treasuring our time together as a family, resting before the week ahead of us. I made a dress for Brighid, who begins morning kindy tomorrow. As you can see below, she likes it. The kids were both healthy and happy today, not so surprising when their Dad is playing with them, when they know their uncles and grandads and cousins are all safe, not trapped down a mine. We've not told the children about the Pike River mine situation. There are several miners' children in Fionn's class and although I think they are all at Spring Creek, I don't want to say anything until I know they are safe.

I ironed and mended, jobs with a bit more long term currency than cleaning the floors or picking up the children's mess. As the weather improved, I weeded in the garden and planted the grape seedling which I bought at a local market recently. I also have a red currant , a gooseberry and a rose to plant from the same market expedition.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Today we have insulated ourselves from the world, totally privileged in that all four of us are alive and together. Tomorrow is when I meet the grief of those who cannot sleep at night, those who have very close relatives down the Pike River mine. I'm hoping that the police are able to help shield our young people in particular from the voracious media. There is another group of people I want to offer my empathy, my concern and prayers: the miners at Roa and Spring Creek and their families. I have not heard whether those mines have stopped, but given the severe financial imperatives on those mines to keep producing coal, if they are stopped, I doubt it will be for long. The Roa and Spring Creek miners and their families must be suffering or will suffer greatly not just from worry for their mining brothers but also from going underground with such risk so much to the front of their minds.


Sharonnz said…
Look at your gorgeous Miss B. Go well, young lady, at kindy tomorrow! Much, much love and concern, Sandra. Just words - but with all my heart.
Johanna Knox said…
Am reading and thinking of your community, Sandra. I echo Sharon. So much to feel. So little to say. xxx

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