In solidarity with my town

I would like the media to piss off.

They do not need to swarm around our town, vultures in search of a product to sell on their 'news' programmes.

I too, am desperate for news of the Pike River miners. I too, checked the internet and the radio about a zillion times today, hungry for word that the rescue team can begin their job. Like everyone else in Wetville, I appreciate the messages of support from all over New Zealand, all over the world.

But none of this requires news crews to be in our faces, prodding our pain, trying to get names of miners despite a request from the miners' families that they retain privacy in this time of hell. I missed the service for the miners at our local Anglican church this evening, asleep after a long night shift mothering my vomiting son. But I have since heard that it was something of a media circus, with about 8 tv cameras and 6 photo people there.

I have heard just a little by word of mouth about the names of miners, and just from that little, I know that I know men underground, and their families who are in living hell right now. Of the mining families I know, I cannot be sure that all of them are at Spring Creek (i.e. an entirely different mine), though I think most of them are. I was relieved tonight to hear back from one friend that his son in law is at Spring Creek, not Pike River.

Something about our town. The media has broken down news of the miners into locals and overseas workers. Please do not get the impression that the workers who were not born here are not part of us. These men, their wives and children, are part of our community. Their children are doing well in our schools, they are playing sport, selling sausages to fundraise for sport and school like the rest of us, mixing and mingling and are much liked.

So thank you, to everyone who is reading this and has been sending prayers, best wishes and concern for the trapped miners. We are all desperate for good news. But please don't expect to see interviews with mining families, or to know more names and personal stories. That is more than it is reasonable to ask. Our town and our grief is not a commodity for the media to sell.


Corrine said…
We are all waiting and hoping. and hoping you and your town have the strength to deal with the media vultures.
Scuba Nurse said…
We are all thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome.
I'm sorry you have added stress from the media to top it off.
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

my Mum works at the school where they found Mrs. Dear. She felt just like you. She says the NZ media are just a bunch of parasites and they don't really care about people.

You should know that the rest of us care about you guys and we are all thinking of you and hoping for the best.
Mary said…
Kia kaha Sandra.

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