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I dug some bokashi in today. I'm managing to fit some gardening in more than once per fortnight in fine weather, which is an improvement on last year. I think bokashi is an excellent cheap compost and although I wouldn't splash out on it if I had got the chooks first, having both is perfect. Now that our compost is under plastic, it isn't getting the water it used to get and it does seem a little dry. So I topped the bottom bokashi bucket up with water and tipped half of it on the compost. By my calculations, this should do marvellous things for the compost and if not, then I will learn to recalculate.

Brighid and I made our third visit to A & E this morning (Wednesday) and this afternoon she had an ultrasound, escorted by Favourite Handyman. The results are being sent to Christchurch and we have to go back to A & E on Friday. The possibility of an aneurism in the artery is being discussed, based on the ultrasound and she is in a pressure bandage for the next couple of days.

I've been a good little budgeter (all but giving up alcohol does help) and just as the credit card is cleared and the first mechanic's bill is paid and I'm saving for the biggie mechanic bill due next week and then after that I will get some wood, ... the oven has decided not to work. I'm not ringing the service person for that until we have paid for the mechanic and the wood. So yesterday instead of muffins for my visitors (most of them super short), I made pikelets. I've made them with moderate success before, but this time I used the electric whisk to beat the egg and sugar and the results were noticeably lighter and yummier. Between the slow cooker and the stovetop, there are plenty of recipe options, and the impossibility of baking cakes is not killing me. Our little barbeque also has a lid and I might experiment with cooking more than sausages on it. Now that I've got pikelets the way I want them, it could be time for a season of weekend pancakes....


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