Queen of the Sun

We headed south for some culture this afternoon. This is the Crooked Mile cinema from the outside

and inside looking at the seats and where my children quickly made themselves comfortable
and looking towards the screen. Poor quality photo, so hard to see the old style piano underneath the screen. I love red velvet curtains.
We went to see Queen of the Sun. Indeed you can watch the trailer here.
It was a fantastic documentary and Favourite Handyman is thinking about beekeeping now, though I suspect time poverty will prevent action on that front. The beekeeper we buy our local organic honey from is in the movie. I burst with pride seeing his honey on his wee stall in Barrytown in an international movie. I've been planting/sowing flowers to attract bees and other beneficial insects into our garden for a while now, but since the movie Fionn is keen to help me choose and sow some more seeds to make a bigger effort.

Back home, this was dinner: finely chop 3 large leaves of kale, 1 leek, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 x 80g jar of anchovies. Sautee the anchovies and garlic in plenty of olive oil and then add the rest of the ingredients plus some thyme sprigs and stir. Add a can of chopped tomatoes and put the lid on the frypan and let it simmer for a while. Whizz some of it if you feel like it but it does mean you lose the lovely bright green colour of the kale. Then add a can of cannelini beans and a small amount of cooked brown rice (or a lot if you get unexpected extras but I'm currently trying to keep the carb content of our meals lower rather than higher) and stir to warm through. Top with grated cheese. We had the last of the beetroot salad with it as well.

I tell you this exciting detail because I've got this idea of recording on my blog the next 20 meals with kale. Many will be alike or the same as I do not promise to be that inventive as to have 20 recipes, but I'm just sharing, y'know, that kale is a superfood. A cheap superfood which you can grow in your garden so long as you do some killing of caterpillars and slugs so that most of the plant goes to humans, not molluscs or insects.


applepip said…
Oh my, I thought I loved our local until I saw yours. Now I don't just want to visit you, I want to move on down.
Sandra said…
Great isn't it? I think I've been to your local Pippa, and it's definitely got merits.
body lift said…
I likely to visit that place. Really that atmosphere is looking suitable for me.
Christy said…
I do like too. We have something similar exceot with not so much style - the couches look a bit like rejects from someone's garage sale. But I do like that it is all volunteer run. i wasn't going to take my kids to see that movie - but yours obviously liked it? Mine are about same age... Top bar beekeeping isn't so expensive to set up, and if i was starting again i would probably go down that route. looking forward to the kale recipes/ideas - this is my first year growing it! i vaguely remember that nigel slaters 'tender' book had sections on kale and also other greens not so commonly used as well, and i keep meaning to get from library again.
Sandra said…
Fionn (8) got more out of the movie than Brighid(4). I'm glad we took them, though our reasoning at the time was that this way we got to do something all together and the cost of a babysitter on a public holiday (I thought it would be worth more) was a great deal more than taking them with us. We didn't get into Easter traditions this year (wrong time for Pagan aspect and unconvinced about institutional Christianity at the moment) and we missed the ANZAC day dawn parade for health reasons, so watching something together which linked us to our values of nurturing the environment, supporting local food and reducing pesticide harm, seemed apt.

Kale and sausages go well together, especially strongly flavoured sausages. If you put the rest of the meal in the slow cooker for the day, the kale can go in 30-60 minutes before serving time.

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