sewing bee + Rita Emmett

Today we had our sewing bee for the Christchurch kindies dressups project. My favourite bit was being out of the house without any children, away from the vomit bug (Didn't we have one not long ago? Why yes we did...) and chatting with my lovely sewing friends, but the sewing itself was also good fun. The photo above is of my pink and frothy concoction, assembled from the many pink and frothy fabric remnants we were given. I didn't take my camera to record the fabulous capes and crowns which Ruth and Linda and Megan made. But the crowns reminded me of Wonder Woman - I think we should all have one, never mind the children.
More test pots. From left to right, hot chilli, monza and well read (Resene colours).
As you can see from this angle, 'well read' isn't very nice at all. Our favourite of the three is still hot chilli, but I've a couple more circled for test pots to see if we can find a colour in the same vein as hot chilli but not quite as dark.

I've finished reading my self help book Manage Your Time to Reduce Your Stress, another free gem from the local library. It came at the right time as school holidays begin and I evaluate how the last eleven weeks have gone. The short version of that evaluation is that I am doing work for which I'm not paid instead of being with Brighid or gardening and that was never the plan when I cut my hours at the beginning of this year. Changing that is my top priority for the next month.

Well, actually eliminating vomit from our house is my top priority, followed by gardening and getting us all away on a short holiday further up the West Coast.

Thoughts on cooked duckling? I'm eyeing it up at the supermarket for a change. It's pricey, so I'd want 3+ meals out of it.


Nikki said…
I've seen Well Read done in a lounge and it looked really nice. Their lounge was probably quite dark though, so it deepened it up more than if it was in a room with a lot of natural light. I think to make sure the red goes with the wood tone is the most important (the Hot Chili in the photo looks a bit pinkier/orangey on my computer than what it is IRL). Have you looked at greens again?
applepip said…
Oh I'm such a paint geek, even vicariously :) We did rock and roll, which is a really lovely red red, but it is quite dark. Less orange than Hot Chilli. Can't wait to see it painted up when you find your perfect shade.

Boo hiss on the vomit though. Be gone evil bug!

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