I think we will go for more hot chilli, this time in the dining room.
We considered various greens, but once the test pots wereup, I changed my mind. In honour of the new paint, I shall tidy my cookbooks, though really those Guardian Weeklies are in quite the most useful place regardless of their feng shui.
The shape of the wind on our beach. As well as creating triangluar bush, it conspires with the tide and storms to bring lots of wood up onto our beach, wood which I collected for kindling for the fire. All by myself. I almost never go to the beach by myself and I loved it.
This piece was hosting its own garden, but it was the red pieces of flotsam rata that I was most keen on finding.

The trikeathon involved lots of waiting around while the children rode in very safe, very small groups and the rest of us stood in the cold. But this did not bore Brighid as you can see. She had a blast on the trikeathon circuit.
The kindy parents all got given a plastic plate to return with baking for the cake stall. I was busy and disinclined to bake for something which I predicted (correctly) would be attended only by parents and a few nanas and we would have to buy the baking back for the kindy to make any money. So I handed my plate in with money on it to shortcut the process.

We bought sausages and drinks afterward and then headed home to collect Favourite Handyman and then out to Wingham Park, home of champions, to where Fionn was having a grass roots community something or other - skills and a league carnival at the end it seemed to be. The people who came in and took it finished early, which just goes to show they have no brains about the implications for parents and young children of finishing early and supervision. The lovely local league people were of course still there, and Fionn was playing goal kicking with a few of his mates who were still there. We got back home and Fionn started to count the hours until the next league event (21).
Does this look like a rugby league player just finished the sevens tournament which his team won and during which he scored his first try of the season? Still wearing his mouthguard and the brightest footwear in our house?

In the garden, I focused on plant security, which is my latest flashy phrase for catching caterpillars and feeding them to the chooks. It's obviously still warm enough for the white butterflies.

On the sewing machine, I finished the two red capes for the Christchurch kindies dressups project which have been awaiting the return of my sewing scissors (sharpened by the local clever sewing machine repair and maintenance person). Near the sewing machine, I've been reading blogs and the patternreview website and sewing vicariously, slowly gaining confidence and understanding in techniques to alter patterns so clothes fit me. This blog, Sew Silly, was today's new find and inspiration.

I read Wendyl Nissen's A Home Companion which I liked. I got it from the library and deemed it from the outset as a lightweight fluff up riding the back to earth penny saving wave of the last couple of years. But as I read on, I decided it was better than that and if I owned it, I'd find it valuable enough to keep rather than give away after reading. Wendyl has a website which I'm going to spend some time on judging by my first squizz.


Nikki said…
Plant Security - love it!

I think a red would look good with the wood tones and the brick. Is the colour actually Hot Chili (and has been renamed several times over the years) by Resene - a deep rich red? That's what I have in my lounge and I still really like it. I do love my green paints as well though (I have 3 rooms with greens lol).
Ruth said…
I strongly support the idea of giving money instead of baking a cake, and have done that myself in the past.
Sandra said…
Nikki I went to buy the hot chilli (definitely that one - we have it in our lounge which FH painted over summer) today and the sale had finished on Saturday. So I've bought some new test pots with deep rich reds which are not quite so dark as hot chilli. Test pots are fun!

I think I shall do it more often Ruth. Thanks for your support.

We have another pleading letter today for the PTA and I'm trying to think of something fantastic to do for the gala which would be helpful but would not involve me attending meetings or getting anywhere near nominations for office holding (if that is the correct term). Hmmm, all answers gratefully received.
body lift said…
Very good post. This is looking like happy weekend for you and your family. Those colorful walls looking so amazing. I like the children enjoyed the happy moments.

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