Beautiful things to read

I read Glenn Colquhoun's essay, The therapeutic uses of ache this morning. It is truly beautiful and now I have to request as much Glenn Colquhoun for our library as I possibly can. I can't even decide which piece to pull out and quote, but I am grateful that it is online and I can go back to it often.

Not quite as memorable and beautiful, but lovely all the same, is Bella Bathurst's article on the secret life of libraries. Someone rang me earlier in the week as part of a survey commissioned by our local council. They did start with a long introduction about themselves and wondered if I had ten minutes to spare. At 6.10pm on Wednesday evening? Only if my life is otherwise in danger. He rang back later. I put library spending at the top of the three priorities I got to choose for council spending.

Some of the spotty girl's spots are actually disappearing. Fionn got player of the day at league. I stayed home with the disappearing spots, but I gather he did some good tackling. He proudly showed me his scratches and bruises at bedtime. Victorious battle scars.

Have I made anything? I certainly haven't completed anything. I have done some more knitting, and taken apart a pinafore which needed fixing which was an ideal time to notice that it doesn't fit so well as a pinafore but could be turned into a skirt. I have noticed that I have not finished the summer dress out of the pink paisley sheet, but that is summery and right now is wintery and the pinafore is made of purple wool fabric so it should jump the queue, though not necessarily leapfrog over the dress I haven't hemmed yet for Brighid.
This is the purple pinafore before I began deconstruction. I bought it for $1 from St Vincent de Paul in Hoki. The background is the bathroom, which had less mess but more paint and lino that you might remember from your Nana's place.

I have made two lots of guacamole. Why haven't I been doing that all the rest of my cooking life? 2-3 avocadoes, juice of half a lime, a shake of paprika, one clove of garlic finely sliced and diced, some salt and as much coriander as I have the patience to de-stem, all whizzed up in the whizzer. Marvellous stuff.


miriam said…
I've been admiring your sterling efforts on the Kale front. As with all things it is one thing to grow it and another thing to get 'take up'. Just incidentally, flax-seed oil was always top of our anti itch arsenal for exczma. Turned out to be a peanut allergy so problem solved. After our trip up hte West Coast last year and covered with itchy bites we found ti-tree oil to be good as well. I just mixed some with a nuetral cream base.

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