Deleted samples

Not content with the 4-5 projects on the go craft-wise, nor mindful of the need to sew up as much fabric as possible in readiness for losing the study so the children can have separate rooms at the end of the year, nor of the other demands on my time, I looked through the deleted samplers at the curtain shop today. Three dollars for a set of three gorgeous gold fabrics. Now I just have to work out how to use them to make a skirt without buying more fabric or another new pattern. Once again, I just miss out on having enough fabric for this pattern which I bought last month:

I do have this piece of fabric, another remnant which I fell in love with last year. If I put black velvet flowers with shimmery gold fabric, then I'll have to organise somewhere to wear it. Hmmm. I've got about ten weeks until our wedding anniversary.

Off to look at patterns (no no no, inspiration - that's cheaper) for making something which does not have an elastic waist but does have some multi-fabric but not quite patchwork action going on.

Do I spend way more time thinking about sewing than actually sewing? Why yes I do. But there are worse habits. No one is getting hurt.

Sending all my love to Christchurch.


Anonymous said…
How about using that pattern for the very top of the skirt bit, then adding panels underneath that start narrow at the top (do the maths to find out how many and how wide depending on your figure and fabric!) and getting wider at the bottom. Wouldn't quite have the flounce of the skirts in the pattern, but could use all the different fabrics.
But you may not want to listen to me - I put ric-rac on a sirt for ME last week and I'm wearing (and loving) it right now!
Sandra said…
Thanks Rachael. I've got enough fabric to do that now. Today I bought some fat ric rac on Trademe. I'm also thinking about the ideas in this article:

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