Dust mite murderer

Cor crikey I don't think you could fault my commitment this week. Not to blogging, to nursing/parenting/wifeing. In aid of drastically reducing the dust mites in our home, I have been cleaning for days. On last count (and I count hourly), Fionn is mostly well, but still blowing rather low on the peak flow metre. He is at school but off sports. Favourite Handyman is still home convalescing, but improving. At risk of jinxing it by mentioning it out loud, he is giving up smoking. Seven days so far. Never mind the 'again' bit, I've heard the stories of people who give up nineteen times before they quit for good. I took Brighid to the doctor today, as her recovery is very slow and she seemed to have gone backwards this morning. But nothing scary to report, and my efforts to give her a gram of lypo-spheric vitamin C every hour today (I nearly got there, probably averaged every two hours) seemed to have paid off in terms of her improvement by the end of the day. By night, it's pretty similar to when she was a newborn baby.

So. That will be enough of them. Much as I love them, blogging is, for me, for thinking about other things. I've been given some very lovely fabric lately. Yesterday was a bag of goodies from a friend at work which included some batting for making a quilt. Hmmmmm. I've had Mum's Reader's Digest Guide to Needlecrafts out this evening, thinking about whether I could make a quilt. A few weeks ago the lovely Ruth gave me this fabric:

It would only need a wider border around it to make a single quilt size, and the fabric has the seal of approval from the boy. Who has outgrown Lightning McQueen apparently. Charmed life. I don't know if I ever outgrew the candlewick bedspread on my childhood bed. Not even now actually, as Mum made me a dressing gown out of one later on, which I'm still using. I'm not sure if my machine could handle machine quilting - have to do some research on that.

I've cut out the fabric for this Saturday's 4th birthday party gift, and all fingers crossed that Brighid gets well fast enough to attend. I found the coolest ric rac ever in town and had to buy it for the trim:

Since then, I've learnt that Trademe has cheap ric rac. I do seem to have fallen for the charms of ric rac. It will be on my clothes next. Maybe not.

Still cooking with kale. Cooked it up with leek and garlic and butter at lunchtime, then added cream cheese and pasta spirals. Earlier in the week I cooked it with kumara and tomatoes and whizzed it up to eat with corn chips. Edible, but I wouldn't make it that way again.


Heather said…
Ooo! I want ric rac like that!

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