My turn

Just as we approached the epic achievement of everybody going to work or kindy or school tomorrow, my body said "My Turn". I've been alternating lypospheric vitamin C with sodium ascorbate powder throughout the day and Malcolm Harker's eutherol formula for sore throats. I lay with the hot water bottle against my chest to heat out the chilly suggestions of infection. Favourite Handyman took the children out for several hours and I read Jenny Pattrick's Change of Current. I'm determined to go to work tomorrow - it's less than two hours and then I can go back to bed.

Yesterday, before my body protested it needed a day (week) in bed, I watched the boy play league in the most stinking conditions. Literally, the muddy field smells rank and apparently cuts on field there have a tendency to infect. I took Brighid to her a fourth birthday party where I admired truly, totally fantastic cake decorating skills. The night before, I had mixed red wine with finishing the gift. With the internal seams now facing outwards after I sewed the waistband on the wrong way, I changed my ric rac plans.

I sewed ric rac down the outward facing seams, which I had folded and sewn just like my mother taught me and I rarely ever do. I think she called it 'neatening' the seams.

Then I sewed four more downward strips of ric rac around the skirt. Lots of twirling fun for little E, I hope.

After the birthday, Fionn and I went to a family evening at the league clubrooms. Which may have contributed to the undoing of my health. If you are chatting to people while drinking wine, and the children begin the food, then by the time you turn around, it will all be completely gone and wine without dinner is not quite perfect.

Off to bed, to continue my recovery regime.


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