Stopped and searched

Still thinking a lot about the riots throughout the UK. This Guardian article: 'Being liberal is fine, but we need to be given the right to parent' deals with some of the challenges which the left need to consider as clearly empathy for the sense of hopelessness of estate life in a recession is not to be conflated with carte blanche for people to loot and riot. The stop and search law came in after we left the UK and I had not considered how it impacted on the lives of quite young men until this week. To think of my own son being stopped and searched by the police at the age of 14, on the way home from school, makes me shudder.

Yesterday I planted flanders poppies, polyanthus, pansies and snowdrops along the front of the house. Today I did housework. Tonight I aim to learn why my chooks (not laying yet) have red in their poo.

Update: this very useful page has photographs of all kinds of chook poo, explaining what is normal and what is problematic. So now I know that at least one of ym chooks has shed intestinal lining and that this is quite normal and not at all problematic.


Anonymous said…
It's interesting that there are youth programmes running for 24 year olds - when are people expected to grow up these days? They're not! Of course I cannot change the world, but let kids be kids...and then expect them to act like adults when they get to 18. I'd dump the whole concept of adolescence if I could!
Not that this would solve everything, it's simply one contributing factor.
And quite frankly....when you try to create an a-moral society, you should expect the kind of things we are seeing now. Because "neutrality" is a myth - someone's value's WILL influence society - we are seeing this all too clearly. Man is writing the rules and for some, that means stealing is OK - who said it's not? Why shouldn't they take what everyone else (supposedly) has? Will the media recognise this or just keep presenting it as an issue of bad parenting versus not enough money?
applepip said…
I was going to link you to that page - I love the chook poo page. I've spent far more time than I would have ever imagined obsessing over chook poo.

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