The Runaway Hug

My favourite picture book at the moment is The Runaway Hug. The blurbs don't show the best bit which is the illustrations. The story is sweet but I love how the house is messy and that is just normal.

I've been looking at my garden with a new eye since I read Dennis Greville's Colourful Gardens. He talks about restful colours with red rather than the full on drama of red and yellow which I had been planning for the red fence garden. I have since noticed how the yellow looks good against the old mustard fence.

I don't have a photo of the blue borage and the globe artichokes together, but the silvery foliage of the artichokes and the blue-purple of the borage would be the perfect gentle foil for our dramatic red fence. Given the self seeding proclivity of the borage and the ease of division of the globe artichokes, it will be labour with no financial cost to create my new red fence garden vista. When it stops raining.

Amongst the parenting today, did I clean the house? Not likely. I did laundry and food and laundry and food has to be enough. I did a little more sewing. Brighid's dress is relatively uninteresting to me compared to the endless thinking about version 2 of the Colette Crepe dress. With my Fit for Real People open beside the pattern pieces, I carefully made an FBA on the bodice after all. I am going to do another sheet version, with at least the bodice in this fabric:
Instant transportation to 1975? Actually it reminds me of the 1980s, because when I was a kid, we weren't sleeping in recently bought, highly fashionable sheets, but the ones from Mum's glory box and Mum and Dad's wedding presents from the very early 1970s. Although this is an op shop find, it still makes me think of a summer night down at the Tahuna camping ground when I was a little girl and we visited family friends there and stayed up all-the-way-to-midnight (We lived the high life we did, what with Brownies and Mass and school all in one week nearly every single week of 1979). If the new version works out well, then I shall look at buying brand new fabric to make a serious dress in. We shall not talk about if it does not work out.


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