Is she always grumpy?

As mad as a hatter

There is a sizeable lump of mercury filling in a container in front of me (I have an irrational desire to show it to the dentist) which used to be in my mouth. Nestled into a tooth no less.

On a ranking of nasty things children bring home and share, which do you think is worst: nits or worms?

That's all. I am off to read Caleb's Crossing by the ever-wonderful Geraldine Brooks now.


Sharonnz said…
We haven't dealt with worms but are currently in full nit-mode. It's a real time sink! Lovely sitting picking through listening to an audio book about King Arthur IF you haven't got anything else you should be doing.
Susan said…
Something that works wonders with preventing nits - warm hairdryer. Blow the kids (and yours) dry with warm air, nits don't like it at all and seems to prevent heads with blowdried hair. I don't know why it works, but after one session of nits when my kids were small, they never ever had it again
Annanonymous said…
I hadn't heard of Geraldine Brooks before, but 'Caleb's Crossing' sounds fascinating.

Good luck with the grumpiness. I've never found an effective remedy for mine.

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