Why I am angry with Tony Ryall and his cronies.

How dare this government?  The government which was happy for Don Elder to be paid a salary of $1.3 million and an increasingly top heavy, highly paid arsenal of non-mining bureacrats to suck up profits. 

The government which presided over a mine safety regime which was so grossly unsafe that TWENTY NINE men died and are still underground.  A safety and management regime at Pike River which was so inept that endless lies were peddled as they scrabbled to have any idea what to do when Pike exploded.

I've met Trevor Bolderson a few times and I have enormous respect for him.  I've heard him talk about his experiences in the 1984 miners' strike in England.  He is an astute, intelligent and hugely hard working man.  It was Trevor who presented the proposal from the workers for Spring Creek to Tony Ryall today. 

Tonight at 5pm on the National Radio news, I learnt that Tony Ryall openly admitted he didn't bother to look at the miners' proposal.  Not even the slightest pretence at respect for the work of the miners.

The work of the workers.

The work of the men who have buried their comrades not yet two years ago.

The prime minister and his cronies didn't mind dressing up and lamenting a 'work of God' back then.  They don't mind killing off the industry now.

Yes, I'm aware that enthusiasts of capitalism consider such outrage to be naive.  Makes the world go round and all that.


There is no respect in this process.  None whatsoever. 

Next time you watch the workers of Greymouth and their families fighting to keep our town alive on your television, know that they fight an honest fight.  They are not picking a business apart, flicking off its workers on to the dung heap until they next need them, in readiness to sell the business into private hands.

The government are doing a hideous and nasty job of so-called running our state assets.

Could it be worse?


Pike River Coal Mine was privately owned.

Lest you prefer to assume I am stupid, I do understand what a balance sheet looks like.  I do understand what being in the red and having a mortgage which has to be paid looks like.  I make choices every damned day to keep my own family afloat.  But I don't stuff up our family finances by taking out immoral amounts of cash just for being the administrator of our finances.  And I don't lie to people about what is going on.  I listen to the suggestions of other family members about how we can best make good financial decisions.  I don't disrespect the contribution that everyone in my family makes to our financial viability. 

Not like John Key and Don Elder.  Shame on you both, and all your lackeys.


Corrine said…
I agree. I'm not a fan of mining, but I do believe in communities knowing what is best for them. I have lost all respect for this government as well. Good luck over there.
applepip said…
I feel your pain. :(
Sandra said…
Thank you Corrine and Pippa. It's great to have your support and empathy for our town.
Shunda barunda said…
Very well said.

This decision stinks all the way to the top, if they weren't selling assets, this would not be happening.

Then the cheeky bastards come out and try to rabble rouse against "greenies", what a bloody joke.

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