slipping prospects

New project.  Refashioning, re-laceing and making slips.  The photo doesn't show my blue slip to the left.  I bought it for 50 cents from the Sallies and now the lace hem looks grey and is unravelling.  I bought black lace to change the hem.  The back middle is an enormous slip I bought on trademe which I can probably turn into two half slips or more.  I've bought matching lace for the hems.  The lilac fabric on the right is nylon elastane and four way stretch and I'n going to make  stretchy slip drafted from a bought one I own, except a bit wider and longer.  The bought version doesn't come in a big enough size for it not to wriggle upwards to my knickers during the day.  I bought lace to match that as well but probably won't use it as it will restrict hem movement.

The green envelope in the foreground middle is my Cake Patterns Hummingbird which arrived today!  I'm in Susan's house for the sewalong.  I've just now realised the sewalong starts on Monday which I can't visualise doing at all.  I guess I could just ignore all the slip plans, but I don't know about ignoring the shawl I wanted to finish knitting first and the wonderful book Life after Life that I'm loving right now and the latest Elizabeth Strout which I have very kindly been lent which I want to read this coming week.  It's not quite kosher to abandon the husband/children/kitchen/laundry or not to go to paid work either.  Huh!  I'm off to bed to read my book.

But this is great, from the army chief in Australia.  I'll be using his quote plenty more:  "The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept."


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