Hummingbird alterations

Forward shoulder adjustment, dropped armhole curve, a wedge out of the back, raised back and front necklines and a smidge extra on the sides of the front and back.  I found some tape (the label on the inside says "future protect") which is much easier to work with than sellotape.

I think I'm ready to cut out the Cake green hummingbird (with blue sleeves) peplum top for a second time.  The first version was ugly.  I've got a choice of fabrics which I purchased in a speed buying trip to Fabric Vision in Christchurch earlier this week.  I got to Papanui (the suburb where Fabric Vision resides) at 1.15pm, and had to be in town, parked and at the hospital by 2pm, preferably having had some lunch.  Not quite the perfect conditions for careful evaluation of the options, but I had thought ahead about what I wanted to use the fabric for.  The pink in the photo is what I think is known as 'slinky knit' and was very cheap.  The other pattern is a soft knit which I hope works well for the Hummingbird.  I also bought some pale blue (what's with the pale?  I don't know) and two lengths of black for Hummingbird skirts.

Now I'm going to bed to read The Hunger Games.  Fionn wants me to read it and I'm treasuring that bit. Sharing his reading life with me might not happen forever.


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