Comfrey fertiliser for rainforest conditions

Comfrey fertiliser for rainforest conditions: Step one: pick comfrey from front garden, where I foolishly planted this wonder plant at the height of my hippiedom.  I'd rather have flowers there now, but comfrey never leaves.

Step two: rinse and cut central stalk out.  Even at the leaf end, the central rib is too tough for the food processor.  Chop into halves or thirds.
 Step three: whizz in the food processor.  Add a little water if the leaves do not behave.

 Step four: you now have a bowl of chopped comfrey.  Don't make it into liquid fertiliser if, like me, you live in an area currently under deluges of rain almost every day.
 Step five: sprinkle chopped comfrey around the kale plants.  With enough love, including the killing of white butterfly caterpillars, this will grow into a fine forest of kale and feed us all winter. Yesterday I sprinkled quash pellets around the edge of the garden as half of the six lettuces I planted round the kale had succumbed to the ravaging snails.

I've been sewing.  I sewed together some overlay ribbon rose fabric I fell in love with at a remnant table years ago and some cheap drill from the sale table at Fabric Vision and am making a hummingbird skirt (Cake Patterns) with it.  Tonight I mostly unpicked the mistakes I made last night and now have the pockets in the right place.  I've finished the front now, and holding it up to me, it may be a snug fit.  But I checked my measurements and I should be on track.  No need to to fret just yet.
We have relatives from the US visiting Wetville at the moment and they very kindly agreed to bring over some fabric I had shipped from to their place.  It's in the tumble drier as I type.  Really nice and quite exciting.  Photos later in the week. I could happily sew for weeks more.  Especially if the skirt above turns out.  I've been reading posts about wardrobe planning and sewing with a purpose.  It's definitely what I am trying to do.


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