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Eight months since I posted last...  I have had the sewing machine in action in that time though, especially lately.

Brighid in a Kitschy Coo Mini Penny Pinafore dress.  This is really nice and easy to sew. Brighid likes it long, but I think a shorter version in a beefier knit would be great for winter, possibly sleeveless so it is a genuine pinafore.

The Sewaholic Nicola.  Even though Sewaholic explicitly designs for a pear shape, I could see the potential for making the bodice work by rotating the FBA to the shoulder pleats.  At first, I didn't like the finished result, but it is so comfortable, and I'm getting kinder to myself on the imperfections, such that I'm now thinking of making a second.  I've got some beautiful fabric put aside for this.

Usually I have to narrow the shoulder of everything, but this one I did not.I cut a 16 almost everywhere except the skirt, which I cut a 16 in the back and an 18 in the front.  I added a 1 1/2 inch FBA which I rotated to the shoulders.  I had to unpick the waist seam and cut length off the back and front as I had not measured and allowed for my short torso.  I was so unconfident that I would ever make it again by that stage that I didn't even write down the length that I had chopped off, but it was more in the front than the back - perhaps I had just needed width in the FBA to some extent.

The hem isn't exactly right in the photo, and I need to fix that, and put an invisible dome in between the 2nd and 3rd buttons.  For the next version, I will measure the current dress in order to adjust the back and front bodice length on the pattern.  When I rotated the darts, I curved the bodice up a little too much (leavivng a baggy bit above the bust) and I'm going to straighten that out a bit.  I'm also going to raise the armscye so that my bra does not show. I did think of making a short sleeve, but the cap sleeve is nice, and has the effect of balancing my otherwise uneven and sloping shoulders.

There are very few Sewaholic Nicolas on the internet, and none by anyone curvy.  I waited for inspiration but eventually just started, and now I'm pleased with the result.  I think the original pattern is for a softer fabric, but this is soft enough, and multiple washings will soften it more.  This cotton makes it more sturdy for work and play and suits me better, I think.  Sometimes I tie a bow, but mostly a knot.  I'm a big fan of dresses, but bows and ruffles not so much.


Macska said…
Yay it's great to see you posting again! :)

I love your green Nicola dress - gorgeous fabric, and that dress style is very pretty on you. :)

Have a great New Years!

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