Friday, April 24, 2015

Muse Natalie Dress #2

So, I had a go at an FBA for this dress, and it does fit better.  I don't think it is a perfect fit, but I'm not sure that I'm up for more changes and another round at the moment.  I found the fabric at Fabric Vision in Christchurch recently for $15/metre.  Two aspects of this dress are particularly attractive from the sewist's point of view: it only uses two metres of fabric, and it sews up quite fast.

When I made the fit changes, I dropped the triangle insert and because I wanted this dress to be work appropriate, I sewed up the part above it.  It has successfully ensured that it is work appropriate, but looking in the photos, it does change the style lines of the garment.  That was not so noticeable to me looking at it in the mirror.  The Muse Gillian pattern is much easier to fit on me (wrap dress, so no surprise), but it is a longer make and uses more fabric.

I like the fabric, but it is all polyester and I've realised it is going to be quite warm to wear.  I suspect a problem could be that it doesn't breath well and I end up smelly wearing it.  I have the fabric to make a top in this pattern.  That doesn't have the gathers at the front.  I'm thinking of making it longer than the top in the pattern piece, to be more like a tunic.

When I made the first version, I thought I wanted it a shade shorter.  Now I think it ideally needs flowy fabric and to be longer.  Maybe I will make another one....  A merino version, perhaps without the front gathers, and with the lower neckline (I can do a camisole underneath), would be nice.

I tried using a twin needle for the first time.  It worked.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Muse Natalie dress & Burda 9755

Burda 9755.  Don't make it.  My first experience with Burda and it was appalling.  The instructions were terrible and I ended up making my own up.  The fit in the upper chest isn't fantastic but I won't be changing it and doing another version.  This is Brighid after we went to see Cinderella at the movies, where Cinderella herself wore a similar colour blue for most of the film.  She does have two feet, but is practising curtseying in this photo.  It's a win because Brighid likes it, and chose the fabric and pattern herself when we went to Blenheim last summer.  If I made another pattern with a band/ribbon around the waist for a child, I would pipe it or make it in contrast fabric so it stood out better than this.

 The Natalie Dress by Muse Patterns.  I cut a 40 at the neck and shoulders, a 42 for the sleeves and a 44 everywhere else.  I like the dress, but I need to work out how to do a FBA on this and also to use my CSBCC tonic tee shape which I've been working on to put a centre back seam in which takes the sway back wrinkles out and puts some more width in over my bum.  The sleeve length is also wrong on me - I think I shortened it too much.  I might also go to a 44 sleeve for the next version, to be sure I can comfortably fit a thin winter layer underneath.  Given that it will always have leggings underneath it, I'm thinking the next version will be one centimetre shorte in length.

Of course, some blogs (most) have fabulous photos and the models style their hair before the photo shoot.  The photo shoots for such blogs don't involve an eight year old taking some pics on her ipod after kung fu and before the merry-go-round called bedtime begins.

Mine doesn't.  It does document my sewing journey, and it's my small testament to myself that I can do more than just work and work and work and parent all night and day.  I'm still sewing, I'm still learning and this is my small contribution to curvy sewing confidence.  I'm also not doing that thing where you make yourself look skinny in your pose for every camera shot.  The feminist implications of learnning always to take up less space are crap.

Grey is okay.  It is very drab compared to my usual colour choices.  I have a mint green and black print ready for the next dress version and a red stripe for a top version.  I also bought some hot pink merino on sale and it will either be a Natalie Dress or a McCalls 6408 cardigan.

I've also got some slips to make.  Shop bought slips are either very short or very long.  Those nice stretchy ones with no lace are also only made for skinnier persons than myself, which is a bit outrageous.  So slip making is high on the agenda.

Friday, April 10, 2015

sewing still, blogging once more

April, and the first post of 2015.   Hmmmmm.

Still, I have been sewing, and hopefully this school holidays I will photograph and post the Muse Patterns Gillian dress, Natalie dress and two Jenna cardigans I have made.  I've pleased with both dresses.  The cardigans fit, but I'm not sure they are the cardigan shape I really want to wear.  Sounds like last year's McCalls 6844, a pattern that I was the only person in the online sewing world not to be successful with.  The cardigan project continues.

I'm just back from a trip to Christchurch where they have fabric shops.  Real ones.  I got some fabric at Fabric Vision, and some at The Fabric Shop and some at my latest and greatest shop find - Bolt of Cloth.  Bolt of Cloth is heaven for those of us who like bold colour.

I also bought Butterick 6031, so that I can make slips that fit me.  The best fitting slip ever, a blue one I found for 50 cents at the Sallies at least five years ago, gave up the ghost just as soon as I bought the pattern.  I could only find beige tricot (seriously) at Fabric Vision, but then I went to Lincraft on my last day in the middle sized smoke and found some swirly bright green fabric to make a slip with.

No pictures today, but I have prewashed almost all of my new fabric.  I believe the final purchase total was about 18 metres.  I'm posting now and hoping to follow up with pictures very soon.