Speedy dresses: Myrtle & Lady Skater

 After spending weeks on two shirtdresses, these were super speedy and satisfying makes by comparison.  The Myrtle is made from some not very stretchy cheap knit which I didn't know what to do with.  I'm wearing this dress now and it is very comfortable.  It's not work appropriate as much is revealed when bending down.  I could see it being more practical in a winter version with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath.  I made a FBA on this dress, and then found it was a bit more than I needed.  So for the next version I've altered the pattern to take out 1 cm at the front and back shoulder and a sway back chunk out of the back bodice.  I've straightened out the curve made at the side seam by the FBA and taken 1 centimetre off the bottom of the front bodice.  I've added 2 inches to the pattern (yes, I use whatever measurements work for me in a mixed up fashion for sewing.  My cutting board is organised into inches which makes adding length easier in inches) as I'd like a more elegant length and swish in the next version.

 This is the Lady Skater, also satisfyingly quick to make.  I spent ages getting the pattern to work and made a lovely one with Lillestoff fabric which I haven't photographed or blogged.  Then, after identifying that I had nothing to wear for evening work functions, I made this up.  Although it is the same size as the cotton knit Lillestoff version, it comes up snugger in feel.  If I started this one again with the same fabric, I would make the sleeves full length and hem with a narrower band of blue velvet fabric, scoop the front neck out a bit and add to the length to get a lower mid calf length.  Nice shoes though, eh?  I don't expect to need to wear this for a few months, so will see what I think then.


LLBB said…
Love makes that are comfy, still look sharp, and are quick to make!

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