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Sometimes future sewing is more gripping than current sewing.  Like today, when I'm up to the collar stage on McCalls 6898 but windowshopping on the net instead.

I started with seeing this, Chocolat's Staple Skirt:
I like it a lot.  Two problems:
1. I would get tomato sauce on that colour before the first day of wear was over.
2. $327 is a lot of money.

So I go looking for patterns to make my own,  I have nothing to wear with this, and no fabric that is suitable.  But that should not always be an impediment.
 I look at Vogue 8499 and Vogue 8975 and I see this version of V8975 and it seems I could be back in dress land again:
I'm not sure I can make the dress in fabric as soft as the Chocolat one appears.  Maybe I have to chop it off at the waist and put a wide elastic band in.