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America is not the Heart

"Your word for love is survival.  Everything else is a story that isn't about you."
Today is about the novel America is not the Heart.  This book is really good, and it has made me think a lot.  I've even staved off reading my next book (Nora Ephron's Heartburn) so that I can think about America is not the Heart some more.  I hadn't finished it in time for book group, and no one else wants to talk to me about it (yet), so this morning I decided I could articulate my thoughts on my little, old, mostly neglected blog.  At least the thoughts could take solid form instead of swirling in my head.

I found a review for America is not the Heart when I was looking on the Guardian for something new to read.  It's a great place for new inspiration for me - it's where I found Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent, Tobias Hill's What was Promised and Selina Todd's The People.  The New York Times review for America is not the Heart was similarly promising.