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beach photos: Gillian top & Endeavour trousers

Brighid & I went out with camera before her swimming lesson today, and took turns playing photographer.
Endeavour trousers (Cake Patterns) in green linen from Spotlight
Gillian wrap top (Muse Patterns) in grey knit from The Fabric Store.

I've been working on culling my wardrobe, perhaps as preparation for attempting to read Marie Kondo.  I took two bags to the Sallies (yes it's school holidays!) and both times came home with fabric, clothes and bowls.  I think overall there is less in the house after the exchange. Next is book culling.  I'm doing that to the Rotary sale people, which means I can't purchase while I'm dropping off.  Most necessary after the op shop experience.

Blue merino Appleton

I finished my first Appleton yesterday, and persuaded my daughter to take a picture.  I didn't follow instructions and line the shoulder point up correctly, but otherwise I'm really pleased with it.  The fabric was $8 per metre in the Fabric Store bargain bin.  I'd make this again.  Next time I will lengthen the sleeves and I will make two right fronts.  The amount of crossover isn't as much as I would like.  I'd like to do this in Lillestoff fabric next time.

I've also made another pair of Endeavour Trousers (Cake Patterns) and another Gillian wrap top (Muse Patterns).  I really like them both, and will share if I organise myself to iron and find a photographer.