tulip love

I read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In and I loved it.  I had quite a lot to say about it and started writing this morning, but whereas I blogged happily about gardening for years and still can about gardening and sewing, my responses to Lean In are both personal and also linked to my work.  I realised that I wasn't comfortable posting a full response to Sandberg's book online.  Such is life.

But as I'm still blogging about sewing, I can report that I made progress with the merino pavlova top I cut out many months ago.  Until I didn't.  I made darts successfully and then I sewed a complicated piece on back to front using a stretch stitch on my machine which isn't easily unpicked.  Unpicking black triple stitched thread from black fabric without a quick-un-pick is im-poss-ible.  I don't know where my quick-un-picks go.  I lose them all the time.  Not through lack of use during sewing time, that's for sure.  So tomorrow I will buy a-noth-er one.  One day when I die or get dragged off to a rest home, my children may find 23 quick-un-picks when they get the house ready to put on the market.

So with the remainder of the black merino I have nearly finished cutting out a hummingbird top.  I'm having to cut the peplum in two pieces and the stretch runs different ways on each.  Maybe later this week there will be a photograph with evidence of whether or not this works.

No camera today.  But my eyes feast on my red tulips.  I have two clusters of them and they are the most beautiful sights.  More tulips next year, for sure.  I've been weeding and sowing mesclun, phacelia and misome.  I also planted some gladioli.  Today I even raked the grass clippings and fed the chooks because our child labourers are far away, having fun and being spoilt by their grandparents and aunties.  In my windowsill mini-greenhouse, the tomato and basil seedlings are poking through and outside, I ponder where to build a tomato garden. 


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