Gillian dress by Muse Patterns

Gillian Dress by Muse Patterns.

I have found sewing nirvana!  I cut a size 40 for the yoke and a size 44 for everywhere else and no other alterations and it fits me!!  !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm going to make the dress version in a blue polka dot fabric next, and then I have a grey fabric and black contrast to make a winter version after that.

This is my first ever pdf pattern, and I took the plunge because I loved the pattern AND I found that Kat, the designer was a New Zealander and wanted to support her.  The instructions were great and I was really happy with the finish I achieved (I speak as someone who has done quite a bit of basic sewing, but is not an advanced or highly skilled sewist).  It did take absolutely ages to tape and cut the pattern pieces, so I'm thrilled that I have a good result from my efforts and will use the pattern again soon.  I do have my eye on the other Muse patterns - the Jenna cardigan and the Natalie dress.

It doesn't gape when I bend over, but I am going to put a hook and eye in at the crossover point to be sure that I have secure cleavage coverage for work.


LLBB said…
Yay for fitting! Looks great! I too love this pattern :)
Deborah said…
It looks great, Sandra. I love the colour combo.

It has never occurred to me to look for dressmaking patterns on line (slow learner). I'm going to be hunting for a classic A-line skirt, so I can make someting that comes to mid calf, because it seems to be impossible to buy skirts like that.
Sandra said…
Hi Deborah Thanks :)
It's worth looking at this site for the Hollyburn skirt:

Also worth looking at is a sewing site called Pattern Review.
Macska said…
This looks fantastic on you! :-) I'm glad you like the pattern. Would it be ok if I add a photo to the 'Made by You' page on (With a link back to your blog post, of course!)
Sandra said…
Hi Macska You are very welcome to put a photo on the Made By You page. It's a great pattern!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love it sooooooo, such a fantastic fit! Must have that pattern, and I've never even heard of Muse, will check it out!
Anonymous said…
This looks awesome!

You know, I found your post from google images as I'm making another Gillian dress myself. Saw the URL and thought "Wetville - sounds like the west coast". Lo and behold, you ARE on the west coast! Yay for more NZ sewing blogs :D
saTanja said…
It's so great to read you make something and it fits you. Usually when I try to saw somethin all by myself I need a friendly asistance to make it wearable :/
Really lovely outfit <3

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