Muse Natalie Dress #2

So, I had a go at an FBA for this dress, and it does fit better.  I don't think it is a perfect fit, but I'm not sure that I'm up for more changes and another round at the moment.  I found the fabric at Fabric Vision in Christchurch recently for $15/metre.  Two aspects of this dress are particularly attractive from the sewist's point of view: it only uses two metres of fabric, and it sews up quite fast.

When I made the fit changes, I dropped the triangle insert and because I wanted this dress to be work appropriate, I sewed up the part above it.  It has successfully ensured that it is work appropriate, but looking in the photos, it does change the style lines of the garment.  That was not so noticeable to me looking at it in the mirror.  The Muse Gillian pattern is much easier to fit on me (wrap dress, so no surprise), but it is a longer make and uses more fabric.

I like the fabric, but it is all polyester and I've realised it is going to be quite warm to wear.  I suspect a problem could be that it doesn't breath well and I end up smelly wearing it.  I have the fabric to make a top in this pattern.  That doesn't have the gathers at the front.  I'm thinking of making it longer than the top in the pattern piece, to be more like a tunic.

When I made the first version, I thought I wanted it a shade shorter.  Now I think it ideally needs flowy fabric and to be longer.  Maybe I will make another one....  A merino version, perhaps without the front gathers, and with the lower neckline (I can do a camisole underneath), would be nice.

I tried using a twin needle for the first time.  It worked.


Bonnie said…
Beautiful version of the Natalie dress. I like the print of the fabric too. I have made a few versions and can't seem to get enough!

Macska said…
Hi Sandra, I love this on you! Fantastic colour, and nice work on the fit. :-)

With the FBA, it might be a good idea to add a little bit of length to the triangle inset next time, to match the amount of additional length you add to the bodice pieces. (Not essential, but it'll mean you end up with the same style lines that way. :-)

Would it be ok if I put this on the 'Made By You' page?

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