Glimpses of sewing projects

Sewn, worn and partly photographed.  The glimpse of dress is the Cashmerette Appleton.  It's my second version, and I like it and will make it again.

The jacket is McCalls 7288.  It's better worn over jeans or trousers, but I was keen to give it a test drive.  The shoulders need narrowing next time, and that will lift the armscye.  I like the shawl collar, but haven't quite put the buttons in the right place for the collar to sit right.  I need to wear it a few more times to decide whether I will take the front seams from the waist down.  This version is like a cuddly coat, but the next fabric is thinner and I was thinking more tailored jacket than coat for that one.

I've ordered Jackets for Real People - I think I'm ready to learn some jacket making craft.  I have the fabric to make a red version of M7288 - it will be the shorter style that still has the back pleat.  I've seen some beautiful versions of the short and non-pleated version online so might make that one day.  Some clever sewists lined their 7288 jackets even without instructions.

Huge family weekend, with lots of maths questions on the long drive sections, but no sewing maths.  I've ordered Elsa Morante's History.  I've been reading Lucia Berlin's short story collection, A Manual for Cleaning Women.  The stories are indeed good, but a bit bleak for the end of each day.


Rachael Ayres said…
That coat looks absolutely fabulous! I love the hemline.
My blogged comment (when I was too tired for thorough review) earlier this year: A Manual for Cleaning Ladies by Lucia Berlin wow, what powerful writing. This is a collection of short stories but there is a narrative that ties them together into a bigger story. Stories of sadness, shame and remorse, they frequently spin round to shock at the last minute.
Sandra said…
Thanks :) Rachael, are you blogging again? I can't find the link...

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