Ancient remedies

I went away for the weekend and suffered a traumatic incident.

It started off quite innocently.  I was at my parents house, and they have properly (wastefully) good water pressure and gas hot water and so I had a very long shower and eventually followed that with borrowing Mum's hair dryer.

Ever since Hitchcock's shower scene, we have known that bathrooms are dangerous.  Behind the clean white lines lurk danger, and yesterday was no exception.  There should have been high pitched violins playing when I decided to step on Mum and Dad's scales.

The scales told a message I was not interested in hearing, using numbers I did not think should have relevance to me.  I thought they might be broken, but my longsuffering and ever loving husband just talked supportively about exercise when I told him, which is not the same at all as declaring the scales corrupt and incorrect.

So it's no bloody wonder that I'm looking at dressing in stretchy jeggings and flowy merino tunics.  Given the hike on the scales, one could argue that at least I wasn't eyeing up mumu dresses.

I had thought I didn't believe in diets, as statistics suggest they usually result in weight gain.  So I'm not impressed that I gained weight even when I wasn't on a diet.

I may do need to walk more in order that I can still walk rather than waddle in 2020 and 2050.  That's okay.  We do pretty walks on the West Coast.  I'm slowly recalibrating from my bathroom experience, and I haven't forgotten that in wet weather, beer and chips do have to stand in for nature walks.

In other news, I have been systematically wearing all trousers in my wardrobe to work out what stays up and why or why not.  I can report that my jeans stay up but are not perfectly comfortable when they first go on, but if I want my pleather trousers to stay up, I shall have to take them in at the hip and waist and expect a little less comfort than the current trackpants-style waist simulation.

My next project is hacking this dress:
Using this pattern (Cashmerette Washington):

I am going to redraw the yoke so there are just two pieces instead of three, and the bottom yoke curve is more dramatic.  Then the skirt part will be longer and have a replica curve to the hem and a balloon curve at the sides.  Then I shall practice on some cotton lycra and cotton merino blend and if it works, make a red viscose one and a black merino one.  Maybe I will like it so much that I will buy more fabric and make a green merino one as well.

On the subject of ancient remedies, I just finished Hannah Kent's The Good People.  I thought it was very good, and so did the Guardian.  Now my only ancient remedy is to knit a scarf against the cold.


Anonymous said…
Goodness, I thought you were going to say you'd electrocuted yourself with the hairdryer!
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