Organic NZ magazine

The May/June issue is out now, with some very interesting material and stories of great developments throughout New Zealand, stories which uplift compared to the articles on GE trials and expansion.

One of the valuable sections to me is the classifieds. This is where I've found sources of quality New Zealand produce. I first found Eco-avo organic avocadoes in this magazine and since then we've received hundreds of kilos of avocadoes over the last few years - they are delicious, and much appreciated by many coasters. This month I see an Opotiki place called Fruit Forest also offering avocadoes for sale. They have other seasonal fruits such as mandarins, feijoas, tamarillos and persimmons and offer mixed boxes. But the ones I have just placed an order from are South Island growers of organic feijoas. We like feijoas here at the messiest house in the world (Fionn has decreed it thus), and I am often looking for replacement fruit instead of the imported oranges and bananas which my children so love. I want to support the most local growers hence the choice to go South Island first.

There is a fascinating article on backyard beekeeping this month. I think our place is too small for beekeeping, but I am at least reminded that I'm doing the right thing buying local, predominantly organic, raw honey.

I'm feeling cautiously pleased about this winter's supply of dark green leafy vegetables from our garden. I've been sneaking dark green veges into every dish I can and at least some of it seems to be going all the way into my children's tummies. Us adults, we love the stuff.

Although I'm rather proud of my sourdough breadmaking of late, I still need to face the evidence that lots of bread is doing me no favours. I made a big pot of rice this morning, mixed it with rocket and radiccio, carrot, tuna and a smidgen of balsamic vinegar, and this is the habit I need to entrench - reaching for a bowl of rice instead of a slice of bread. So although I've nearly used up the 20kg of organic flour I bought from Terrace Farms earlier this year, another order isn't such a good idea at the moment.

Happy May Day to you all. Celebrations at Blackball tomorrow look good, though I'm unsure whether my daughter will be well enough for me to attend the forum. Tonight when the weather draws in again will tell me whether we have a mostly healed cough or the return of the croup-like scary cough of last night. I've been adding vitamin C and echinacea alternately to her drinks and I think that is helping.


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