hippie? hippie.

I've just convinced Favourite Handyman to do some dishes and sat myself down with a cracker topped with kefir and a cup of nettle tea. There is grey showing through my hair as I've given up dyeing it - carcinogens and feminism. I'm wearing home made pyjama bottoms made from thrifted fabric, a t-shirt from the Farmers closing down sale almost four years ago and a sleeveless fleece which I found at the Sallies earlier this month. On the floor beside me is my peggy square knitting, made of undyed brown wool and then bobbly green/red/yellow variegated wool from a cardigan which my daughter outgrew and I then unravelled to reuse. Further to the corner of the study await my next books: Three Ages of Women and The NZ Woolcraft Book.

This morning I planted out my Giant Russian sunflowers and repotted lots (but not all) of my tomatoes plus my biggest basil. Most of the tomatoes are staying inside for a fortnight more, but I put a couple out under the lean to. I had planned some more gardening but then the children came and found me.

I've just pulled three loaves of bread out of the oven. They are all white loaves bar the wholemeal in the sourdough starter. No doubt Fionn will be pleased but I prefer at least some wholemeal in my bread. I rang Terrace Farms tonight and ordered 20kg of organic flour but I will be on supermarket flour for the next fortnight until the order is milled and couriered to me.

I have managed to jimmy up the mechanism on my manual mincer. So it is back to the mortar and pestle as the food processor broke even before the mincer. I made a little bit of pesto (mixed leaves of parsley, rocket, coriander and basil which may be a mixed success) and then I had had enough. The hummous can wait until tomorrow.

This morning I made muffins - proper chocolate, the kind with brown the whole way through. Or that is what Fionn considers proper chocolate muffins. I put some mashed banana in but didn't manage to sneak brazil nuts in like I often do. Brazil nuts = selenium.

In the morning I will fashion lots of work and school lunch food out of today's kitchen projects, corral everyone into their allotted Tuesday morning places and then turn into a paid working woman. You would still be able to see the hippie hair but the nettle tea will be out of sight and my clothes will be black and purple.

And not pyjamas.


nova_j said…
lol isn't that what everyone is like?! ;)
Sounds wonderful. Especially the chocolate muffins.

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