Turn it round, upside down, make it new.again

We've just had two nights away, staying with my parents. On the Saturday, Favourite Handyman and I left the children with their grandparents for the whole entire day, 9am to 7pm. It was absolutely and totally wonderful. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I am sure we will do this again. I have come back ready to turn the place around. Brighid (2 years 8 months) is now sharing a room with her brother instead of her parents. As I type, they are both playing slumber party antics and at least we have another week to train them before school starts again. To put the extra bed in, I took out a set of drawers. The too big clothes for the children in that set of drawers can go somewhere else, high in a cupboard and I can have drawers for all the fabric I was given earlier this year. Has to be better than storing it on the floor.

Then I think we might rip all the wallpaper off the children's bedroom walls. Creamy ripped off-ness will be nicer than the current gloomy heavy green look. We might even go squiz at the second hand duvet covers at the Sallies and see if there is something special for Brighid's new abode.

I do also fancy ripping up the lino on the kitchen floor but as I would have to sand and polish the floorboards straight away, I'd better practise some restraint... Instead I should start baking mroe bread as I have gone off shop bread entirely (even vogels/burgen tastes pappy now). Last week I realised that in the entirety of our small wet town, it is impossible to buy a single bagel. Not a single one. The only thing to do is to make my own. Looking for a bagel recipe next. The excellent Andrew Whitley has neither bagel nor pannini recipes in his Bread Matters book.

Judging by the lettuces, it was sunny while we were away. There are still a few gaps in the garden and I bought leeks to go in them this afternoon. I ignored the exhortations by gardening columnists last month to get seedlings in and now I am paying for my laxness. Still, bought seedlings are way better than bought produce from the supermarket.

I do have seedlings for tomatoes and chillies (and sunflowers) on my windowsills. Judging by the prices in the garden shops for these particular plants, I've made a good decision to sow these myself. This week the children and I will prepare our neighbours' glasshouse for planting. Fionn has been very keen to buy some peat circles for growing seedlings in and today I softened and bought some. Chemistry in action you know, educational. I don't have pumpkin and zucchini seeds in yet so they can go in the peat circles (it appears that you soak the circles and they blow up with the seed inside them according to the instructions).


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