Things I won't be doing in 2010

Having behaved not so much sedately but just not done anything at all on the evening of December 31st, we went out last night instead. Favourite Handyman is currently in bed and I am in front of the computer thinking negative thoughts with the part of my brain which is very close to the part of my head which hurts a lot. Yes I do know that alcohol is a poison. The children are playing with soft toys and dolls and claiming to be their parents. Which is good because it means they have the skills to look after themselves. I think it did help that I got out the sampler box of biscuits and left them on the table in lieu of breakfast.

So. I am making a list of things I will not do in 2010.

1. I will not make a knitted dishcloth. For reasons I can't be bothered analysing, I spent much of 2009 reading blogs where people knitted dishcloths. Apparently knitted cotton dishcloths are amazing, with superior cleaning qualities. Am I the only person in the world who, when the need arises for something to wipe the bench with, goes to the cupboard, chooses the oldest towel and cuts it into eight or so pieces and gets on with life for the next year at least and probably longer? I have read that these are good items for learning to knit with. I suppose so. Except that I already know how to knit and I turned the first square into a doll's skirt (I kept splitting the wool and increasing inadvertently) and then the next one where I did have it done properly, I got a Brownie badge for it and gave it to my Grandma as a teapot mat.

2. I will not have another baby. When my son turned two and began to come out of nappies I got emotional and started to think of another one. Which is why a bit later on, on Mother's Day, I told Favourite Handyman I wanted another baby and he sighed and said he thought this was coming and I could have a second child if he got a motorbike. Now the boy is seven and the girl is almost three and there is no motorbike though I did point out how much money he would have towards a motorbike if he had desisted from smoking these last many years.

3. I will not mow the lawn. No changing on that policy. I liked mowing the lawn as a kid which I did after my brother got packed off to boarding school and they noticed they only had girls left. But in order for it to be false for me to complain that I do everything-round-here in my grumpy old bat mode, I need not to do everything and that can continue with not doing the lawns. I'm not going to clean the spouting either, but cleaning the chimney might be interesting for a change.

4. No carcinogenic dyes. No doubt the proportion of grey will increase, so what?

5. No outlaws visiting on my birthday.

6. No joining of Playcentre.

7. No incurring of library fines. ha ha ha. oh please. Chance would be a fine thing.

Favourite Handyman has got up and is feeding the children porridge. I might sneak back to bed.


Anonymous said…
I made this comment to the library a few years back about how they should set up a direct credit system for people to pay fines via phone or internet banking. I was trying to make the point that essentially fines have become a defacto user pays system and they should be more honest about it. I was being somewhat sarcastic in my suggestion. They didn't get it. But apparently now that is what they are going to do.

Don't worry about the greys :-)) There's always the natural dyes:
Sharonnz said…
What? Sacrilege about the dishcloths, Sandra;-) Just finished crocheting us two new ones. I like the idea of a list of things to NOT do this year!

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