One shelf. Indeed it is not easy to find anything. Should this worry me now? We-eelll I have ordered 24 kilos of dry goods to turn up this week and next, so a little order amongst the existing provisions seemed a good idea.

My 'helper' with the contents of the other two shelves beside her. The pot plants are basil and the rose in the beer bottle was to raise funds for Red Cross this morning. Wetville being small and possessed of many confident women, I knew the seller well and not purchasing wasn't an option I took seriously.

The lino lining for this cupboard must have once also been on the floor. I think I like it better than the current lino.
Below is the current lino. I think it looks better in the photo than on the floor. For ease of viewing the actual pattern, I took a photo of it without chocolate hail, mustard and cocoa on it.Further on the delicate, floaty topic of cocoa and mustard powder...
Tomorrow, I am going into work for two hours. To be truthful, I'm rather looking forward to it. I'll be a mummy for the rest of the day, an afternoon in which I will remember to buy the rugby league star a new mouthguard or suffer the consequences, possibly deep into my dreams.


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