Halfway there, it was obviously still raining sometimes and I liked the look of this old tractor resting in the corner of a paddock.
Great trip east, to where it rarely rains at the moment. No lush rainforest here.

Came back with Grandma's knitting bag, which arthritis now prevents her from using. I also came back refreshed from the change and our childless night. Plus I stocked up on veges and a little meat from the Oxford Farmer's market, organic apple cider vinegar from the orchard near where we stayed and pumpkins, apples, pears, plums, blueberries and tayberries from various roadside stalls. I came back with some ric-rac and a small piece of gorgeous fabric from the quilt shop in Hanmer and with the sheet music and books for the piano.
How good is that?
Terrific and lucky and special in my world.
I never expected to get the family piano and although I wanted one, the reality is that we would not have had one for a long time without Mum and Dad's generosity. Tonight I played from my sheet music for the firts time since the piano arrived a couple of months ago. (I don't play well enough to play without sheet music). It was a good feeling, though I am rusty and the piano needs tuning. The coolest thing though was the effect on Fionn and Brighid. They have been experimenting with the piano every few days since it arrived, often to the extent that I chide them to be gentle with it. But once they listened to me play, they both played on it quite differently, aiming for more melodious and tuneful effects as they pressed on the keys. It was amazing and if they want to learn formally as they get older, we will make it possible.
As if it were possible for more wonderfulness, I have more carrots germinated!! My Egmont gold germination rate is far superior to any other varieties I have tried and even the first seven seedlings are growing and have not been razed to the ground by some ground-dwelling gremlin.


Sharonnz said…
I have THE exact same knitting bag;-) We love our piano too. The girls are taking lessons and will soon surpass their very rusty mother.
Rob said…
SNAP! Two years ago I was given the EXACT same knitting bag by an older lady. We're a threesome now!

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