We won the Rugby World Cup! I've got the kids into bed after a memorable 80 minutes watching the game I must have first seen when I could barely lift my head by myself.

I'm so pleased for so many people whom I love and who love rugby and love the All Blacks. I especially am pleased in memory of a woman who adored the All Blacks. I don't have a literal vision of an afterlife where my Mother in Law could watch from the heavens but I do have a sense of pleasure that her great desire for the ABs to win this world cup has been realised.

Other news seems to pale by comparison, but we did have a wonderful few days in Wellington, where the kids enjoyed riding on buses, the cable car, a rugby world cup simulation activity and Te Papa and I loved all that plus catching up with my friends whom we stayed with. The children were a bit fatigued and Fionn had asthma, so we took it easy and I even forswore the fabric shops because the kids were tired.

I've been gardening. I weeded round the strawberries and put the netting tunnel over top. I may have to change that though as the mesh is too fine for the bees to get through and pollinate the plants. I've dug up the spent broccoli plants and weeded more and more and planted red onions, lettuces, shallots, cyclamen and cosmos.

This is a beautiful post on what the RWC means to one woman on a very personal level.Link


Sharonnz said…
Oh Sandra. You must let me know next time you sneak into town so I can zip in and meet you for a coffee/wine!
Marion said…
Sandra, Eliza would dearly love to go into every fabric shop going with you! Sadly she has been banned from trading at school (she had quite a line going in bookmarks and zipcard holders she was whizzing up on her machine)but has many other projects in mind, although an inept mother who can encourage but has little idea how to read a pattern/ operate a sewing machine etc We are both now big fans of the Saturday member of staff at the Cath Kidston shop in Kingston who gave her loads of fabric samples on Saturday, when she was ogling the fabric in there! I'm winning lots of brownie points myself with a promised trip to the V & A next Monday! Love the pics! Love to all...
Sandra said…
Thanks Sharon. Much as I would love to have seen you, my kids, especially the asthmatic one, so needed a break from lots of meetings with new people. I'm sure next time we will catch up though. I love Wellington and look forward to visiting again.

Hi Marion. Oooh Eliza and I could have a blast fabric shopping together. I'm salivating a little just thinking about a Cath Kidston shop! My favourite picture is the sheep on the truck on the ferry.

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